Panacea Pharmacy & Medic


About us

  • Panacea pharmacy & Medic is a pharmacy. It is not a traditional pharmacy. It is small but highly modern. All facilities and services are providing by using latest technology. A clinical pharmacist is all-time ready to provide the services.  Our goal is to ensure the right use of medicine and freely treated the poor patient and provides services to other according their needs.   
  • It is a Private organization and pharmacist is committed to give his services freely.
  • This pharmacy has run its activity from 29 July in 2020 and still provides the services and we want to go long with you.  We want to ensure right medications, proper doses, duration of specific medication, public awareness about medicine, prevent abuse of medicine, reduce the cost of medicine for specific treatment as possible.  
  • It is situated In a residential area for providing a services instead of   a commercial area like other pharmacy business. We want to utilize our knowledge and skill among people according their needs by improving lifestyle.
  • It is built from social responsibility.